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Recently we visited Aston Martin Edinburgh and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh and spoke to them about what they do.

October usually heralds the beginning of storage season; a time when Scotland’s rarest supercars are parked away safely over the cold forthcoming winter months. Neverthless, the needs of supercar owners do not fall out of focus just because their cars are garaged. GT Scotland paid a visit to Leven Car Company in Edinburgh earlier this month to gain an insight into the year-round premium and luxury car business.

April 2014 saw Leven Car Company expand their operations by becoming sole agents of Aston Martin Edinburgh and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh. Chris McMahon, Operations Director of the company, is quick to stress the benefits to customers of the family-run organisation. With a background in the motor trade that includes the expansion of Lomond Audi Group throughout the last decade, McMahon was delighted to note that his team each has at least five years of experience.

As a result, most of the company’s highest-ranking staff are on-site and able to tailor their services to each customer’s needs. Each sector of the business is looked after by experienced staff members, such as Rodger Laing, the General Sales Manager of Aston Martin Edinburgh, and Brian Ritchie, the group’s Finance Director.

McMahon tells of the relaxed, ‘club feel’ that is extended to include each customer, whether they buy a brand new or used vehicle from them. In buying a car from Leven Car Company, McMahon and his team of staff aim to make it one of ‘life’s best experiences.’ Unlike most franchised dealers, Leven Car Company is able to tailor their services to a Scottish market, with few restrictions imposed on them by each manufacturer. Rather than being a faceless organisation, the company prides itself on highly personal levels of interaction with customers, ensuring that their cars get looked after properly.

As well as offering car sales, Leven Car Company caters for the aftersales process by offering a variety of detailing and paint protection services. Their ability to sell and maintain Aston Martins and Rolls-Royces from virtually all eras of production allows more of Scotland’s treasured supercars to be maintained relatively locally, without having to transport them south of the border.

Off of the beaten track, the Leven Car Company will trade-in many prestigious car and purchase hand-picked stock from other marques for their discerning customer base. This stock will rotate so be sure to pop in by and check their website to see what gems they have on offer.